Waterfront Master Plan

Waterfront Master Plan

Waterfront Master Plan_

What is the Waterfront Master Plan

The Waterfront Master Plan was created to will inform all future projects that relate to the waterfront, and was developed in two phases:

  • Phase 1 - A scientific assessment was conducted on the current and future conditions of the waterfront - Phase 1 - Technical Report
  • Phase 2 - Community consultation was undertaken to determine community values and vision for the waterfront - Waterfront Master Plan

    Vision Statement for Waterfront Master Plan

    The Town will adapt and respond to climate change and sea level rise through proactive and precautionary planning that is based on current science and guided by long-term goals and community values. Natural shoreline conditions will be restored wherever possible, and the Town will mimic natural coastal processes to protect important assets. The waterfront will be a gathering place and a hub for community life, where people can move safely and easily, whether they are walking, cycling, or driving. The Town will preserve, restore and prosper from its waterfront for the benefit of natural ecosystems and the quality of life for current residents and future generations.


  • The Waterfront Master Plan - Click here
  • Background material, appendices and supporting documents - Click here
  • Green Shores Projects


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