Waterfront Walkway

Waterfront Walkway

waterfront walkwayProject Overview
The Town has a long-standing goal of establishing a safe, continuous walkway along the Qualicum Beach waterfront. Some waterfront properties have been purchased over the years and converted into public space, but property acquisitions are expensive and can only be done periodically. Recognizing that there continue to be segments of the waterfront where private property obstructs the extension of a walkway next to the water, the Waterfront Master Plan recommends that the Town explore the reconfiguration of Highway 19A to build a separated pathway for pedestrians/cyclists along the roadway to connect existing segments of the protected walkway. Waterfront Walkway diagram 1 Waterfront Walkway diagram 2

Project Work Plan
The proposed reallocation of the Hwy 19A right of way would be undertaken in several steps and is to be completed by Spring 2021:

  • Notify affected property owners of the pending changes by letter (complete).
  • Through the use of signage, prohibit parking where required to create a safe pathway. Temporary delineators may be required in some areas. This work would be done as soon as possible. (Complete)
  • Erect permanent barriers and/or delineators to maintain a safe, separated pathway. This will require more preparation and materials and would likely happen in the winter of 2020, after the alignment and configuration has been tested.
  • Final line markings to be painted.

Further Reading

Luke Sales, MCIP, RPP
Director of Planning
Ph: 250.752.6921

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