Village Theatre

Village Theatre


ECHO Players Village Theatre is a non-profit society of dedicated members of the community.

Community is what ECHO Players is all about. Relying upon the talents, creative energy and generosity of individuals and businesses we have been bringing the live theatre experience to the Oceanside area for for over 30 years.

Heritage Value

The heritage value of the Village Theatre lies in its long, continuous use as a theatre. Built as a movie house, the building is currently used for live theatre. As the only purpose-built theatre in town, the Village Theatre has served local residents as an entertainment venue for over 60 years, providing a significant cultural and social centre.

Built in 1948, the Village Theatre is a very good and rare local example of the Streamline Moderne style. Sleeker and plainer than Art Deco, Moderne style became popular in the late 1930s and reflected the influence of the technological wonders of the day such as airplanes, locomotives and moving images. The Village Theatre's streamlined appearance is achieved through its smooth stucco surfaces, curved wall, and minimal ornamentation.

The Village Theatre is also significant for its association with architect Swinburne A. Kayll, best known for the Pump and Transformer Houses at the Esquimalt Graving Dock and the Salvation Army Grandview Citadel in Vancouver.

The Village Theatre's location within a grouping of historic buildings, its striking architecture and its prominent location in the town centre make it an important community landmark.

ECHO Players Village Theatre
110 Second Ave. W.
Qualicum Beach, BC V9K 1S8
Phone: 250.752.3522

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