Age Friendly Transportation Plan

Age Friendly Transportation Plan

Age Friendly Transportation

Simply put, the Age-Friendly Transportation Plan it is an over-arching guide that seeks to improve all aspects of the transportation network for persons of all ages and abilities. This can include nature trails, sidewalks and crossings, cycling paths, traffic speeds, public transit, and much more...

This plan reviewed and updated every two to three years to account for completed projects, new projects and changing conditions. In the time since the Age-Friendly Transportation Plan and the Cycling Plan were adopted, the Town has implemented several of the priority projects in each plan.

A key component of the Plan is a prioritized list of transportation projects throughout Qualicum Beach. Projects ranked as the highest priority are those that will best achieve the Town’s objectives for mobility and safety, and provide the greatest “return on investment.” These priorities provide a basis for Town staff, decision makers, stakeholders and others to plan, budget and implement transportation projects.

What is "Age-Friendly"
Although the focus in developing an Age-Friendly Transportation Plan may be improving safety and mobility for seniors, the plan also considers all vulnerable road users of all ages, including seniors, children and youth, persons with disabilities, pedestrians, and cyclists.

The Plan So Far

  • 2014 Plan Update - here
  • 2016 Plan Update - here
  • 2017 Plan Update - here
  • 2019 Plan Update - here
  • 2023 Plan Update Public Engagement - November 15, 2023
  • Plan Update - Summer 2024

Engineering & Capital Projects

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