Property Taxes

Property Taxes

Your property taxes are due July 2, 2024.

Property tax bills are sent to property owners in late May, with taxes due in early July. This tax bill covers your property taxes for the period of January 1st to December 31st. If you have not received your property tax bill by mid-June, please contact Financial Services at 250.752.6921.

DID YOU KNOW? Only a portion of your property tax bill is determined by the Town of Qualicum Beach. Of the taxes the Town collects in 2024, 51% is sent to other taxing authorities to pay for regional and provincial services such as schools, hospitals, and libraries.

How are my property taxes used?
Property taxes make it possible to fund essential programs and services in our community, such as water works and road maintenance. The Town’s portion of your property tax bill also makes it possible to maintain and enhance community-focused initiatives that contribute to the high quality of life in Qualicum Beach.

How are my taxes used

Who does the Town collect taxes for? Who does the Town Collect For
The annual property taxes that are paid by property owners are collected by the Town for both the Town and other taxing authorities. The other taxing authorities are:

  • The Province of BC
  • The Regional District of Nanaimo
  • The Regional Hospital District
  • Vancouver Island Regional Library
  • BC Assessment Authority
  • Municipal Finance Authority
The Town distributes allocated portions of your property tax bill to each taxing authority to fund essential programs and services in your community, such as:
  • Schools
  • Transit
  • Hospitals
  • Regional Pools
  • Arenas
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Libraries
The Town has no control over the amount of taxes distributed to other taxing authorities, who set their own annual increases to fund their budgetary needs for that year.

Why did my property taxes increase?
Council approved a 7.7% increase in property taxes to maintain the delivery of services, an ambitious program of strategic initiatives, and increase reserve contributions for asset improvements.

Other taxing authorities set their own increases based on the taxes they require for the year.

How does my property assessment affect my property taxes?
At the beginning of each calendar year, BC Assessment Authority mails property assessments to property owners.

Despite common misconceptions, a higher property assessment does not mean that your property tax bill will increase. Instead, your property tax bill is impacted by how your property assessment changes in comparison to the average change for properties of the same assessment class (i.e., Residential) in your community.

The following are examples from BC Assessment:
Property Values

Visit the BC Assessment website for more information about how your property assessments are calculated and how this calculation impacts your property tax bill.

Change of Address
Are you moving? If so, it is essential to let BC Assessment know. Please submit a change of address for your property tax account with BC Assessment using the online change of address form.

If you would rather change your address by phone or in person, contact a BC Assessment Vancouver Island office with the information below:

Phone (for all offices): 1-866-825-8322
In person:

    Victoria Office: #102-3350 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC V8Z7X9
    Nanaimo Office: #901-5800 Turner Road, Nanaimo, BC V9T 6J4
For more information, visit the BC Assessment website.

Paying your property taxes
2024 Property Tax Dates
The 2024 property tax payments are due on July 2, 2024. Payments received after this date will be subject to a penalty. A 5% penalty is applied to balances outstanding at the end of the day on July 2, 2024. A second penalty of 5% will be applied to current year property taxes outstanding at the end of day on October 31, 2024.

As the Home Owner grant is considered a form of property tax payment, applications must be received on, or before, the property tax due date of July 2, 2024. If Home Owner grants are applied for after July 2, 2024, any outstanding balance will be subject to a 5% penalty. Ensure you apply for your Home Owner grant before the deadline to avoid penalties.

Paying Your Property Taxes
You can pay your property taxes any of the following ways:

  • Visit Town Hall: Debit, cash, or cheque only. Hours: Monday to Friday, 9 am – 4 pm (excluding Statutory Holidays). Credit Cards are NOT accepted.

  • Financial Institution: In-person, online, or telephone banking (e-transfers NOT accepted).

    For online payments, select “Qualicum Beach, Town of – Taxes” (or similar) as the payee. Use the Roll No. as the account number. Please contact your bank directly for assistance setting up a payee.

  • Mail a cheque: Payable to “Town of Qualicum Beach” at PO Box 130, Qualicum Beach, BC V9K 1S7. Date of post-mark is NOT accepted as the payment date. Post-dated cheques are encouraged. A receipt will only be issued if requested in writing.

  • Drop off a Cheque: A mail slot is located at the entrance of Town Hall nearest to the fountain (at 660 Primrose St).
NOTE: We DO NOT accept credit card payments or e-transfers.

If you have any questions about paying your property tax bill, please contact the Finance Department at 250.752.6921.

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