Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

The Town of Qualicum Beach’s Facebook page is a space to share news, information, stories, and to stay updated about Town business in our community. We want to ensure this is a welcoming and respectful space for all users. By interacting with the Town of Qualicum Beach’s Facebook page, you are agreeing to our community guidelines. The Town of Qualicum Beach does not permit comments or messages that:
  • Are threatening, derogatory, defamatory, racist, xenophobic, vulgar, or otherwise hurtful or inappropriate.
  • Form personal attacks, harassment, aggressive behaviour, bullying, or the incitement of others to do so.
  • Suggest or promote illegal activity.
  • Violate copyright laws of intellectual property.
  • Unsolicited and/or repetitive messages.

To maintain a positive online environment, the Town of Qualicum Beach’s page administrators reserve the right to delete comments that do not adhere to the social media policy.

If you need information, have a request, or would like to make a complaint, please contact the Town via email or phone.

User-Generated Content

No one knows what makes the Town of Qualicum Beach such a special place to live like our residents. We encourage residents and visitors to submit photos and videos featuring Qualicum Beach for use on our Facebook page. Users may only submit their own, original content.

To submit a photo or video, please email or connect with us on Facebook messenger. Please clearly note your name, whether or not you wish to be given credit, the date, location, and (if relevant) the event at which the photo or video was taken.

Please note that submitting content does not guarantee its use. Content use is subject to the Town’s approval and space availability on the Town’s Facebook page.

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