School Connector Route

School Connector Route


The Official Community Plan (OCP) identifies a number of future expansions to the trail network. The highest priority of these routes is the 'School Connector Route' the multi-use trail that will span from the Qualicum Beach Middle School in the west to Arrowview Elementary School in the east. The pathway will serve a wide range of users and provide a safer link between schools and neighbourhoods.

The January 2020 to March 2020 project will construct the trail in three places where it is currently fragmented, including Hoylake Trail (Segment B), Harlech Road (Segment E) and Berwick Crossing (Segment G). This advances the Town's goal of having a continuous east-west multi-use pathway, which will create a safe connector for all users, but especially for children who travel to and from school on these trails.

The Town's plan for The School Connector Route is divided into 8 parts, and this current project will focus on the following three segments:

School B_

Segment B - Hoylake Rd - construct a fully separated multi-purpose paved trail that makes a connection from Arbutus Rd to Hoylake Rd W, for access to the Hoylake Road Trail and the Qualicum Beach Elementary School. Construct a pedestrian crossing with signage on Arbutus St.

School E_

Segment E - Harlech Rd - construct an off-street paved pathway between Harlech Rd and Cedar St. Due to the even elevation of the trail it can ensure maximum accessibility for trail users of all abilities.

School G_

Segment G - Berwick Crossing - construct a 3.0 metre wide paved multi-use pathway connecting Dollymount Trail to Berwick St & Second Ave.

Project Timeframe

This project has been in process since 2012. It was included in the Official Community Plan and in the Age-Friendly Transportation Plan. The Transportation Plan has had numerous updates that have included plans for this trail connector route.
Completed September 2020.

Province of British Columbia, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, Bike BC provided $505,841 toward this project.

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