Saahtlam Park

Saahtlam Park

What's Up Next

  • Final Report presented for Council consideration (Summer 2024).

Progress So Far

  • December 2023 - Feedback Form Round #2 closed December 18, 2023

  • December 2023 - Project Update presented at the December 13th Committee of the Whole Meeting

  • October 2023 - Community Feedback Form distributed

  • October 2023 - Pop Up Engagement Event at Qualicum Beach Farmers Market

  • August 2023 - Key Stakeholder Meeting

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In 2018, the Town purchased the historic St. Andrew’s Lodge property. The property is approximately 9,800m2 (2.4 acres), has over 70m of waterfront and is in a key location at Buller Road and Highway 19A. The park is now named Saahtlam, which refers to “the green at the mouth of the river”, a name gifted by the Qualicum First Nation.

The Town has undertaken extensive public engagement to help form the future of the lands to align with the community's vision. The plan will take 5 to 10 years to reach completion.

The Project History

  • 2018: Town of Qualicum Beach acquired the former St. Andrews Lodge property.
  • 2019: The Town and Lanarc Consultants lea\d a 3-phase community engagement process to develop a Park Concept Plan.
  • 2020: Council adopted the Former St. Andrews Park Concept Plan.
  • 2021: The park opened for community use.
  • 2022: Council decided to retain the Lodge building in support of community aspirations.
  • 2022: The St. Andrews Lodge Historical & Cultural Society (SALHACS) formed and began planning for lodge improvements and programming special events in the park.
  • 2023: Qualicum First Nation gifted the park with the name “Saahtlam” which refers to “the green at the mouth of the river”.

Current Project - Detailed Park Plan
Lanarc Consultants was commissioned to support a community process to update the park plan to reflect changes since 2020. This Detailed Plan will be an update to the 2020 Concept Plan and will guide decision-making, park development, and amenity upgrades over the next 10 years and beyond.

What is the Process?
The Saahtlam Park Detailed Plan process will occur through the rest of 2023 and into early 2024. The process is supported by two key phases as illustrated in the graphic below: Process crop

  • Phase 1 - Fall 2023: Community input is gathered on emerging directions and long-term vision for the park.

  • Phase 2 - Fall 2023 / Winter 2024: The draft Park Plan will be shared with the community for review and consideration.
    • Round 2 Feedback Form - Closed December 18

  • Spring 2024: The Saahtlam Park Detailed Plan will be complete!

Planning and Community Development

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