Memorial Avenue Roundabout

Memorial Avenue Roundabout

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This project will convert a T- intersection to a roundabout at the corner of Memorial Avenue and Highway 19A. Reconstruction of this intersection will increase public safety, calm traffic, improve services levels and reduce idling. Transport Canada recommends converting signalized intersections to roundabouts wherever appropriate. Their findings, as well as many others, have concluded that countries showing less intersection collisions have implemented roundabouts. Statistics reveal the following picture:

  • 75% reduction in collisions with injuries
  • 90% reduction in fatality collisions
  • 39% reduction in overall collisions
  • At stop signs or traffic lights, the most serious accidents are right-angle, left-turn or head-on collisions. Roundabouts eliminate these types of crashes.

Project Benefits

  • Reduced congestion at the intersection
  • Geometry of the roundabout calms traffic at all times of the day and volume
  • Reduced stop, go and idling is better for the environment
  • Better for drivers of advancing years due to the low consistent speeds, simple decisions, reduced need to judge closing speeds or gaps in fast moving traffic
  • Improved access to waterfront and surrounding businesses
  • Realign and improve the substandard intersection that show high crash rates
  • Increased pedestrian safety
  • Improved pedestrian linkage to the Uptown
  • Improved emergency access
  • Improved transit access

The roundabout culminates the Memorial Avenue corridor upgrades, which have received approximately $2M to date. Funding for the roundabout specicially was received from the ICBC Road Improvement Program in the amount of $82,700.

Bob Weir

Project Timeline

  • Estimated construction start - February 8, 2021
  • Estimated road opening - December, 2021
  • Estimated completion date - March, 2022

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