Rodway Trail Re-establishment

Rodway Trail Re-establishment

Rodway Trail

Project Overview
The Province of BC has awarded $100,000 to the Town through the Rural Community Development Grant funding stream.

This project re-established the Rodway Trail - a steep embankment that runs from Arbutus Street to Highway 19A.

The trail will build a new graded access point, and install engineered stairs to create a continuous trail down the bank.

Rodway Trail will not only open up commuter connections for residents in West Qualicum Beach, but will allow tourist access to walking “loops” that lead to various attractions and businesses around the Town. Likewise, the waterfront is one of Qualicum Beach’s most integral cultural, social and environmental assets, and access to it from multiple points strengthens the community’s connection to it.

Mayor Brian Wiese says “We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia in this important project. The Town has long wanted to restore this trail and provide greater access for West Qualicum Beach residents to the beachfront for their everyday use. We also recognize that the more trail linkages we have between our uptown commercial core and the waterfront, the more it creates recreation tourism opportunities, and benefits our local economy.”

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Luke Sales, MCIP, RPP
Director of Planning
Ph: 250.752.6921

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