Public Hearing

Public Hearing

Upcoming Public Hearings:

  • March 31, 2021 Public Hearing - 10am:
    • Zoning Amendment: 1025 Qualicum Road (Pheasant Glen) BYLAW NO. 580.123, 2021, AND Official Community Plan Amendment: 1025 Qualicum Road (Pheasant Glen) BYLAW NO. 800.05, 2021

Electronic Public Hearing Process

As per Ministerial Order M192, Local Government Meetings and Bylaw Process (COVID-19) Order No. 3, these public hearings will be conducted electronically via Zoom. All persons who consider their interests to be affected by the proposed zoning amendment bylaw shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard.

The public may speak at the Public Hearing by joining the Zoom meeting via telephone or over the Internet using a smartphone, tablet or computer. Those who wish to speak are asked to pre-register.

1025 Qualicum Road - March 31, 2021 @ 10am

If passed, Bylaw No. 580.123, 2021 would amend the existing Comprehensive Development Zone 5 (CD5) to permit both permanent residential and tourism accommodation. The following uses would also be added to the CD5 zone and become permitted uses: resort accommodation, hotel/stacked condominium, resort accommodation cottages or villas, outdoor recreation, outdoor private assembly, personal care facility, public assembly, recreation facility, seasonal outdoor theatre, seasonal outdoor market, bed and breakfast, lock-off suite accommodation.

If passed, Bylaw No. 800.05, 2021 would revise Section 2.2.6 Rural, Policy #9 to permit permanent residential use that is auxiliary to the development of tourist accommodation. The Development Permit Area 12 – Rural Destination Resort Guidelines would also be amended.

Public Hearing Qualicum Rd

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