Public Hearing

Public Hearing

Upcoming Public Hearings:

  • The Public Hearing for the bylaw entitled "Town of Qualicum Beach Land use and Subdivision Bylaw No. 580, 1999, Amendment (156 Fern Road West) Bylaw 580.120, 2020" is scheduled for the October 7, 2020 Regular Council Meeting.
  • The Public Hearing for the bylaw entitled "Town of Qualicum Beach Land Use and Subdivision Bylaw No. 580, 1999, Amendment (Nenzel Road) Bylaw No. 580.119, 2020" is scheduled for the October 14, 2020 Special Council Meeting.

Electronic Public Hearing Process

As per Ministerial Order M192, Local Government Meetings and Bylaw Process (COVID-19) Order No. 3, these public hearings will be conducted electronically via Zoom. All persons who consider their interests to be affected by the proposed zoning amendment bylaw shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard.

The public may speak at the Public Hearing by joining the Zoom meeting via telephone or over the Internet using a smartphone, tablet or computer. Those who wish to speak are asked to pre-register.

156 Fern Road West

The owner of 156 Fern Road West has made an application to change the zoning for the subject property from Residential 14 (R14) to Commercial Residential 1 (CR1). The proposal is to permit commercial use on the subject property. The subject property is currently zoned R14 and is located within the Village Neighbourhood and is designated as Transitional Commercial Residential in the Official Community Plan (OCP). The applicant is proposing to have a commercial business within the existing building, with no residential.

156 Fern Road West

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156 Fern Road West

545 Nenzel Road

The owner of 545 Nenzel Road has made an application for a zoning amendment to change the zoning from Rural 3 (A3) to Rural 4 (A4) to permit six rural rental cottages. The current zoning permits two single-family homes and two garden suites or secondary suites for a total of four dwelling units. The new zone, Rural 4 (A4), has been created specifically to permit six new rental cottages in addition to the four permitted dwelling units. The A4 zone is a new zone, and is the first zone in the Town created under Bill 23 -2018 Local Government Statutes (Residential Rental Tenure Zoning) Amendment Act, 2018, which gave municipalities the ability to zone residential tenure under specific conditions

545 Nenzel Road Map

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Submit Written Comments

Written submissions may be made to the Town of Qualicum Beach by:

  • email,
  • mail, #201 - 660 Primrose Street, Qualicum Beach, BC V9K 1S7, Attention: Planning
  • delivered in person at the same address between the hours of 9:00 am and 1:00 pm.

Written submissions must be received before the close of the Public Hearing. Written submissions received prior to 12:00 pm on the day of the Public Hearing (October 7, 2020) will be posted to this webpage under the "Document Library" section.

Attend Remotely Using Computer, Tablet, Smartphone or Telephone

To attend the meeting via Zoom, click the "Register Now" button above. After registering, you will be sent information on how to join the meeting, including options for calling in using a telephone. You will be participating in the meeting by audio only. Your image will not be broadcast to the Council, or to the public. The Town reserves the right to remove participants from a meeting for misconduct.

You may need to download the free Zoom app from the App or Play store in order to join the meeting. For further instructions on joining a meeting, please click here. For detailed system requirements, please click here.

Please note, Zoom is a US based program. Zoom will collect limited personal information about you when you register to join the meeting (first and last name; e-mail address). By registering for the meeting, you agree to this collection of information. If you do not consent to the collection of this personal information, please contact or at 250-738-2190 for other participation options.

Attend without Speaking

You may register to attend the meeting, without registering to speak, using the "Register Now" button above.

Alternatively, you may watch the live-stream of the meeting without attending via Zoom. You will NOT be able to speak if you do not attend the meeting using Zoom as described above. If you are unable, or do not want to attend using Zoom, you are encouraged to submit your comments in writing or call Town Hall at 250-738-2190.

Click here to watch the Livestream.

Speak Without Registering on the Speakers List

Didn't register to speak, but after listening to the meeting you have something to add? You will still be given an opportunity to speak, even if you do not request to speak when you register for the meeting.

A speakers list will be compiled during the registration process. Everyone will be permitted to speak at the Public Hearing, but those who have registered in advance will be given first opportunity. Once the speakers list has been exhausted, the Chair will invite other members of the public to speak. You will be asked to use the raise hand feature to indicate if you would like to speak. For participants using the telephone, the raise hand feature can be activated by dialing *9. For participants using a computer/smartphone/tablet, the raise hand feature can be activated by selecting the raise hand button found in Webinar Controls. For more information on using the raise hand feature, and to see what the feature looks like on the various platforms, please click here to view a help article on the Zoom support website.

Presentations or submissions must be received by the Town before the Public Hearing is concluded as the Council is not permitted to receive or consider any further submissions or information after conclusion of the Public Hearing. While we are making every effort to ensure that every person has an opportunity to speak, if you are concerned that technology may impair your ability to participate, we encourage you to submit your comments in writing.

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