Public Works, Parks & Buildings

Public Works, Parks & Buildings

PumphouseThe Public Works, Parks, and Buildings department operates, constructs, and maintains the engineering infrastructure essential for a high quality of life in Qualicum Beach. This department’s major areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to:

Water Services

The Town provides high quality water to the residents of Qualicum Beach through the use of a state of the art, ultra-violet, water disinfection facility. To transport the UV treated water to residents, over 97 km of water mains and other various water services run throughout the Town. These water mains are simply a supplement to the seven reservoirs, eleven pump stations, and three booster stations that provide this essential element of life to the residents of Qualicum Beach. The maintenance and operation of this vital system is one of the responsibilities of this department.

Sanitary Sewer Services

The operation and maintenance of the 72 km of sanitary sewer mains and one pump station is another responsibility of the Public Works, Parks, and Buildings department. Some of the typical maintenance activities include cleaning sewers using sewer flush trucks, the inspection and repair of manholes, and the excavation and repair of broken sewer mains and services.

Street Maintenance

With over 92 km of various streets and lanes, there are many different types of maintenance that occur throughout the year to ensure the roads meet the Town’s acceptable standards. Some of the more common maintenance activities include:
  • Road resurfacing
  • Sidewalk maintenance
  • Drainage maintenance
  • Street sweeping
  • Snow removal
  • Street lighting maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance

There are many different types of vehicles that the Town owns including heavy equipment, pickup trucks, garbage trucks, and various fire fighting vehicles. The maintenance of these vehicles is completed at the Public Works Building by one full time mechanics.

Solid Waste Services

The Town provides curb-side pickup for approximately 4,100 residential customers and basic garbage pickup for 70 commercial bins. Once collected, the refuse is transported to the R.D.N. Transfer Station on Church Rd. in Parksville. Pickup for recycling is done by an independent contractor. Included in the solid waste service is a spring and fall pick up of chipping material (eg. tree branches). As a courtesy, the Town also offers a cardboard drop off bin that is located at the corner of Fern Rd. East and Second Ave. East.

Park Maintenance

Improving and maintaining the various parks, trees, playgrounds, cultural areas, and public washrooms are just some of the responsibilities that fall into this area of the department. Park Maintenance also involves sweeping the downtown core and seawall walk. In the summer, the Town’s Parks Department garnishes the downtown core with flowers and gardens that accent the natural beauty of Qualicum Beach.

Building Maintenance

The Town of Qualicum Beach owns and maintains approximately 86,000 sq. ft. of buildings including leased, public, and maintenance buildings. A few examples of these buildings include:
  • Public Works Buildings (233 Fern Rd. E.)
  • Parks Yard Buildings (897 Jones St.)
  • Town Hall (660 Primrose St.)
  • Fire Hall (130 Rupert Rd. E.)
  • Civic Centre (747 Jones St.)
  • Community Hall (644 Memorial Ave.)
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