Prepayment of Property Taxes

Prepayment of Property Taxes

Preauthorized Prepayment Plan for Property Taxes

The Town of Qualicum Beach offers a prepayment plan to allow tax payers to contribute a fixed monthly payment towards their estimated net property taxes for the following year.

The maximum monthly prepayment is equivalent to the prior year’s taxes (gross less any Home Owner Grant Claim) divided by the number of months remaining to the month of May of the targeted tax year. For example, if in July a resident chose to enter into this program, and their current year, gross property taxes were $2,300 and they had claimed a $770 Home Owner Grant, their monthly prepayment would be $139 ([$2,300 - $770] / 11).

If you would like to enter into the Preauthorized Prepayment Plan please attend at our office for an application form. You may also follow the link below where you will find an application form which also provides more information on the program. Please print the form, complete it, and return it with a void cheque to the Town Hall in person (#201-660 Primrose St, Qualicum Beach), by mail (Box 130, Qualicum Beach, BC, V9K 1S7), by fax (250-752-1243) or email (

Please ensure that you attach a copy of a void, blank cheque with the application.


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