All land use and development in Qualicum Beach is managed through Zoning and Development Permit Areas. All construction activity in Qualicum Beach generally requires a permit of some type. The permitting process varies according to the size, location, or type of construction/development proposed. Simple projects may only require a building permit, while large developments may require a rezoning, Development Permit, and/or Development Variance Permit.

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The Waterfront Master Plan was adopted on October 24, 2016.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the development of this plan!

This folder contains all the background material, appendices and supporting documents:

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The Waterfront Master Plan Phase 1 (Coastal Processes and Assessment Report) assembles detailed science-based information on the waterfront coastal processes, including water levels, tides, storm surges, waves and currents and the resulting effects and implications to the waterfront area.

The Phase 1 report, including six appendices, is available for download on the Town of Qualicum Beach website and a printed copy of the report is available for review at Town Hall. Click here.


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