Parking Strategy

Parking Strategy


How much public parking is available within the commercial core of the Town of Qualicum Beach? How has the parking situation changed since 2008? These are key questions addressed by the Town’s Parking & Traffic Survey Reports. The Town's first study was done in 2007, and again in 2021.

With this updated data the Town can effectively manage public parking to ensure that there is adequate availability of parking and sufficient infrastructure for volumes experienced.

The 2021 study documented:

  • The available public parking supply within the Town of Qualicum Beach and current parking constraints.
  • Parking demand within the Town of Qualicum Beach over 4 weekdays during the summer.
  • Traffic demand within the Town of Qualicum Beach in select intersections / areas.
The results showed that there is extremely high demand for on-street parking in some areas at peak times, while other areas are underutilized throughout the day.
The next step is for the Town to use the results of this work to update its parking management strategy. Read the Stategy and the latest report in the documents listed to the right.

Luke Sales, MCIP, RPP
Director of Planning and Community Development
250 752 6921

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