Operations Facility

Operations Facility



In 2019, the Town approved plans to move the Public Works Yard to the location at Jones and Rupert. Four other locations were considered at that time, however, none of them offered a centralized location and operational efficiency.

The Town’s Operations staff are currently working out of multiple locations, from buildings that are dated, insufficient and have below-standard environmental conditions. These buildings were intended to be temporary solutions to allow operations to continue. The current set-up is inefficient and causes a strain on operations, with equipment and staff separated across many locations.

The Town’s 2018 Official Community Plan (OCP) identifies that the area commonly known as the “Community Park” is the ideal location for facilities that support our community, and not only for traditional park purposes. For example, through the Town’s history land has been allocated for an extended care facility, for an affordable housing development, and for the Civic Centre. A Public Works Yard is essential to the community, allowing the town to provide key services such as street maintenance, chipping programs, and snow and ice removal, as well as keeping key infrastructure such as water and sewer services fully functional.

The proposed location is the western half of 987 Rupert Road, and will utilize between one and two hectares of land (2-5% of the existing parklands). The Community Park trails currently located there will be relocated to be continuous with the remaining routes. The Town has applied for funding to build the Combined Operations Facility, which is yet to be announced. If successful, it will provide $1,974,450 toward this project.

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