Official Community Plan

Official Community Plan


An Official Community Plan (OCP) is a Town bylaw that defines policies for land use and development. An OCP takes a long-range view to ensure that the long-term needs of the community are met. The OCP is reviewed and updated during an open, inclusive public engagement process every six years (approximately). It is considered to be a vision for the future of Qualicum Beach. Read the FAQ.

2024-2026- Official Community Plan Review

In accordance with the six-year review cycle established in the current Official Community Plan (OCP) Bylaw No. 800, the Town of Qualicum Beach has announced the next 2024-2026 OCP review. The Town’s OCP was first adopted in 1978, and the upcoming review will be the ninth major review. The 2024-26 OCP marks over 80 years since the incorporation of Qualicum Beach and over 65 years since the adoption of the 1957 Land Use Plan that the Town is still building on today.

The steps of the OCP Review are as follows:

  • Appoint OCP Steering Committee. The committee will help define the scope of the OCP Review and provide recommendations to Council on decision points. Completed.

  • Conduct Quality of Life Survey (QLS). This survey will monitor and report on resident satisfaction with municipal services; monitor and report on shifting trends regarding hobbies, transportation, and lifestyle; and identify and provide feedback on key issues to assist with the OCP Review. Survey development to start in 2025.

  • Preliminary Consultation. The Town will verify and refine issues identified in the QLS.

  • Communications and Engagement Plan. The Town will identify public engagement topics and engagement methods.

  • Draft Plan. To amend the OCP through the statutory review process, with public engagement opportunities.

2018 - Official Community Plan (Current)

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