News Release - March 30, 2017

News Release - March 30, 2017

The Key Elements of Phase 3 of the Active Transportation and Utilities Upgrades Project

  • Green shore beach restoration in front of the seawall to accommodate the impact of the rising tides
  • Introduction of a green space
  • Introduction of a wheel chair accessible ramp to the waterfront with a mat to the sandy beach
  • Introduction of a roundabout at the base of Memorial Avenue to calm traffic flow at an intersection with high crash statistics and low levels of service and to separate and enhance safety for cyclists, pedestrians and vehicular traffic
  • Complete the separated path connecting the waterfront with the Town core. This will include curb, gutter, storm and sewer improvements and stabilization to the hillside between Sunningdale Road and Village Way
Beach Creek Estuary
  • Construction of an artificial estuary for Beach Creek that will enhance fish access, cleanse storm water and increase resiliency to extreme weather events
Heat Recovery System
  • Implementation of provisions for a heat recovery system that will also correct a failing section of the sanitary sewer

Phase 3 completes the vision of the safer routes for alternative transportation, creation of green space, creek enhancement, traffic control, enhanced tourism and the first implementation of the vision of the Waterfront Master Plan. See conceptual drawings.

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