News Release - June 13, 2016

News Release - June 13, 2016

A Canada First: The Town of Qualicum Beach adopts
the Country's First Social Procurement Policy

The Town of Qualicum Beach has Approved Canada's First Social Procurement Policy. The British Columbia government has Social Impact Purchasing guidelines; Toronto recently launched a Social Procurement Program and the Village of Cumberland has a Social Procurement Framework. Now, the Town of Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island, has adopted the country's first Social Procurement Policy.

What is Social Procurement?

Social Procurement is an emerging practice; a more strategic, proactive approach to purchasing that seeks to generate increased social value for taxpayers through every day purchases and public sector contracts. The Social Procurement Policy 6000-3, at the Town of Qualicum Beach has been designed to drive innovation and entrepreneurialism, to better align the procurement strategy with the Town's Corporate Mission Statement; with the Youth and Family Attraction and Retention Strategy and with the goals of the Official Community Plan.

According to Mayor Westbroek, "The purpose of the policy is to leverage every dollar the Town spends to move us closer toward the desirable goals and objectives, as identified by the community."

Commencing this fall, the Town will roll out a Social Procurement Framework and commence open communication and education with the marketplace and community partners. As the practice of social procurement evolves, so too will the framework. The Town is currently working with a network of Vancouver Island municipalities and with Social Procurement Consultant, Sandra Hamilton to develop a standardized approach to advancing Social Procurement across the Vancouver Island/Sunshine Coast region.

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Daniel Sailland
Chief Administrative Officer
Town of Qualicum Beach

Sandra Hamilton
Social Procurement - Subject Matter Expert
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