Land Use & Subdivision Requirements

Land Use & Subdivision Requirements

Zoning: Town of Qualicum Beach Land Use and Subdivision Bylaw No. 580, 1999, divides the Town into zones, with specific uses, densities, setbacks, and other regulatory guidelines for each zone. When an application for a building permit is received, it is compared to the regulations in the zoning bylaw. If the plans conform to zoning regulation, then the plans are reviewed by the building inspector for conformance to the BC Building Code.

Subdivision Requirements: Town of Qualicum Beach Land Use and Subdivision Bylaw No. 580, 1999 sets the regulation for subdivision of land in Qualicum Beach. Different zones in Town have different subdivision requirements. If a plan does not conform to the zoning, the applicant has several options. If the required variance does not alter use or density, the applicant may apply for a variance:
  • Apply to Council for a Development Variance Permit (Refer to application below)
  • Apply to the Board of Variance (such a variance must be minor, and based on a hardship)(Refer to application below)
A change in zoning is required in order to change use or density.

Zoning Amendments: In cases where a development proposal does not conform to the regulation in the zoning bylaw, an applicant may request a change in zoning. When such an application is made, Council makes a decision as to whether or not to permit such a change. The decision is guide primarily by the principles in the Official Community Plan (OCP).

Application Forms

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