Inter-Community Business Licence

Inter-Community Business Licence

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Twelve municipalities from Campbell River to Duncan participate in the inter-community business licence program which makes obtaining a business licence easier and less costly for businesses which provide services in more than one central Vancouver Island community. This initiative, new in 2014, will save a business from obtaining a separate business licence from each community in which the business wishes to do business or provide services.

In partnership with the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training, many communities in British Columbia have worked together to create an inter-community business licence program for their region. Municipalities participating in the central region of Vancouver Island include Campbell River, Comox, Courtenay, Cumberland, Duncan, Lake Cowichan, Ladysmith, Nanaimo, North Cowichan, Parksville, Port Alberni and Qualicum Beach.

What is an inter-community business?

An inter-community business is defined as a business that performs a service in more than one community by moving from client to client rather than having a client come to a fixed place of business. Such a business may or may not have a storefront or physical location in a community. This includes but is not limited to trades, plumbers, electricians, cleaning services, pest control or other similar businesses. An inter-community business does not include businesses selling goods or services from fixed or semi fixed locations where customers come to them. Examples of excluded businesses include fruit stands, roadside vehicle vendors, mobile stores, flea markets, concession stands and trade shows.

An inter-community business licence is valid for the same term as the regular business licence issued by the community from which the inter-community business licence is purchased. A business holding an inter-community business licence must comply with all bylaws and regulations of each community in which they operate.

The inter-community licence is an additional licence to the existing principal business licence. The annual fee for the inter-community licence is $150 for all participating municipalities and is paid in full at the time of application and retained by the participating municipality issuing the licence. The fee for an inter-community business licence is separate and additional to any municipal business licence fee which may be required.

Businesses that are not mobile businesses or are not eligible for an inter-community business licence must obtain a separate business licence from each community in which they do business.

How do I renew my business license if my business is not located in Qualicum Beach but I wish to do business in Qualicum Beach?

Please see the municipality where you have your principal business licence.

What do I do if my business is not located in Qualicum Beach or any of the other participating municipalities?

Non-resident businesses must choose a participating municipality and obtain a principal business licence from that municipality; this now becomes their principal or home municipality. The business may then apply at their principal municipality for an inter-community business licence.

Participating Municipalities

City of Campbell River 250.286.5700
Town of Comox 250.339.2202
City of Courtenay 250.334.4441
Village of Cumberland 250.336.2291
City of Duncan 250.746.6126
Town of Lake Cowichan 250.749.6681
Town of Ladysmith 250.245.6400
City of Nanaimo 250.754.4251
Municipality of North Cowichan 250.746.3100
City of Parksville 250.248.6144
City of Port Alberni 250.723.2146
Town of Qualicum Beach 250.752.6921

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