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Green Shores

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Green ShoresThe Town of Qualicum Beach is an active member of the Green Shores Local Government Working group coordinated by the Stewardship Centre for BC.

What is Green Shores®?
A program of the Stewardship Centre for British Columbia, Green Shores is a solution for shoreline property owners and managers to address issues like shoreline erosion, sea level rise and climate change adaptation. Green Shores projects provide long-term environmental and societal benefits and promote more sustainable and resilient shoreline management in BC and the Maritimes through nature-based solutions.

Green Shores principles

  • Preserve and restore physical processes such as the natural actions of water and sediment movement that maintain healthy shorelines
  • Maintain or enhance habitat function and diversity along the shoreline
  • Prevent or reduce pollutants entering the aquatic environments
  • Avoid or reduce cumulative impacts. Small individual effects add up to large impacts on shoreline environments.

Green Shores Projects
1. Green Shores for Homes program Applies to new development, and renovations and modifications of existing structures.
2. Green Shores for Shoreline Development program Applies to residential and commercial marine waterfront development projects as well as to infrastructure, development and shore protection works in public spaces.
3. Green Shores for Local Government program Offers support to local governments to facilitate the implementation of Green Shores. The Town of Qualicum Beach is is a part of this group.
4. Green Shores training Includes workshops, webinars and opportunities for shoreline professionals to be certified in Green Shores Level 1, 2 and 3 training.

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Luke Sales, MCIP, RPP
Director of Planning

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