Jan 15, 2020
Public Info Mtg - Proposed Park Land Exchange - 2:30 pm
Jan 15, 2020
Category:Public Information
Date:Jan 15, 2020
Address:Town Hall, 660 Primrose St
Location:Town Hall foyer
Notice is hereby given, pursuant to the Community Charter, that the Council of the Town of Qualicum Beach proposes to adopt Park Land Exchange (Lot 23 West Ridge Way) Bylaw No. 741, 2019, to:
1. Remove the park designation of approximately 10.3m² of land from the parcel at Park, District Lot 78, Newcastle Land District, Plan EPP47087;
2. Dedicate a larger amount of park (approximately 1,030m²) on what is now the adjacent parcel to the park, Lot 23, District Lot 78, Newcastle Land District, Plan EPP47087, so that there is no net loss in park land.

The existing park land on the parcel designated Park, District Lot 78, Newcastle Land District, Plan EPP47087 is identified as park use. This exchange will facilitate better access to the Town-owned lot adjacent to the park land, Lot 23, and increase the amount of designated park land.

For detailed information on the park exchange process, please join Town staff and Council at a Public Information Meeting:

    Wednesday, January 15, 2020
    2:30 pm
    Qualicum Beach Town Hall foyer (660 Primrose Street)
    Further Information

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