Election Results

Election Results


2022 General Local Election FINAL results

Historical Election Results


Chief Election Officer
Heather Svensen, Corporate Administrator
Office Hours Telephone: 250.738.2207
Voting Day Telephone: 250.927.5010
Email: hsvensen@qualicumbeach.com

Deputy Chief Election Officer
Weslie Gould, Deputy Corporate Administrator
Office Hours Telephone: 250.738.2190
Email: wgould@qualicumbeach.com

The above information has been prepared for the convenience of the public and to provide assistance in understanding the local government election process and does not cover every aspect of local elections. It is not intended to be a complete and comprehensive document nor is it a substitution for the legislation contained in Part 3 of the Local Government Act or any other act. For detailed information on all aspects of voting or running for office in local government elections, refer to the Local Government Act or visit the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development website on local government elections here.

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