Development Cost Charges

Development Cost Charges

Development cost charges (DCC's) are monies that municipalities and regional districts collect from land developers to offset that portion of the costs related to these services that are incurred as a direct result of this new development. The demand created does not always relate to works that are located adjacent to the property being developed. For example, new development may require a local government to increase the size of its water storage reservoir. Developers pay DCCs instead of the existing taxpayers who are not creating the demand and are not benefiting from the new infrastructure.

Sewage treatment is handled by the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) , so the Town collects sewer DCCs on their behalf. Sewer DCC rates are established in a separate RDN bylaw. With the exception of areas in Town with no community sewer connection, both RDN and Qualicum Beach DCCs apply.

Development Cost Charges Bylaw No. 550

Regional District of Nanaimo Bylaw No. 1442

Development Cost Charges Reduction Bylaw No. 682

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