Any persons wishing to speak to Council as a delegation should notify the Corporate Administrator in writing. This notification must take place before he/she has prepared the Agenda and circulated it to the members of Council, except on extraordinary occasions declared as such by the Mayor. Such notification shall specify the matter or matters which the delegation intends to present to Council and, without the approval of Council expressed by motion, no delegation shall address Council on any matter not specified in the notification.

Every delegation shall be allowed a maximum time of five minutes to present its petition or submission unless extended by a two-thirds vote of the Council, after which the Council may dispose of the petition or submissions at the meeting, refer the subject matter to a committee or take such other action as is deemed expedient.

Every petition to be presented to Council shall be filed with the Corporate Administrator and must include the name and residential address of each petitioner.


Heather Svensen
Corporate Administrator
Phone: 250.752.6921

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