Safe Cycling Program

Safe Cycling Program


We want to keep you safe on the Town of Qualicum Beach bike lanes, paths, and roads, so we’re encouraging cyclists to make some noise for everyone’s safety!

Put a bell on it!
Do you ride a bike or e-bike? For safety, every cyclist should be equipped with a bell, horn, or noise-making device. When you’re approaching someone from the front or back on the road, on pathways or bike lanes, ring your bell so people know you’re gliding by. It’s all for your safety and the safety of pedestrians, joggers, and other cyclists around you.

Pro tip: toot your horn for safety
Be heard by others and attach a bell, horn, or noise-making device to your bike or e-bike. That’s one great way to keep cycling a safe and enjoyable way to get around Qualicum Beach.

For extra safety while cycling, we also encourage you to:

Safety tip 1: Protect your brain Protecting your brain from accidents and injuries is essential when you ride a bike. You need a good quality, CSA-certified cycling helmet that you wear every single time you go for a ride.

Safety tip 2: Ring and shout
When you ring your bell, yell out “On your left (or right)” so people hear you and understand how and where you’ll be passing them safely.

Safety tip 3: Dress to be seen
As the days gets shorter and the sun drops lower in the sky, it gets darker out faster which makes it harder for people to see you. Dress for safety by wearing reflective clothing. Ideally, you want to wear a reflective vest or jacket that can be seen in the headlights of an approaching vehicle

Safety tip 4: Light it up
Want to be seen as if you’re driving a car? Light up your ride as if you’re driving a vehicle. Install a good headlight on both your bike and helmet, add reflective stickers to the side of your bike, and install a good rear reflector and red taillight. And it’s not just a smart way to stay safe, it’s a law in BC that cyclists must have a bell or horn, and a good headlight and rear taillight.

Safety tip 5: Follow the rules of the road & take a road safety class
Follow the rules of the road and learn how to ride from the pros by taking a cycling safety class. You can find a cycling safety course online by visiting Streetwise Cycling Online. And for even more great cycling safety tips, visit Go By Bike BC and the BC Cycling Coalition.

In the meantime, put a bell on your bike and keep on ringing out there!

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