Community Climate Change Adaptation Plan

Community Climate Change Adaptation Plan

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  • Draft Review - Open for comments from May to Sept, 2021

This Community Climate Change Adaptation Plan (CCCAP) builds upon the existing Town policies and actions to address climate change, and will allow the Town to proactively identify additional opportunities for action that advance the community further towards the climate resilience of its social, economic, built, and natural systems. This aligns with the Town’s strategic goal of “Effective Provision of Services”, as preparing for potential hazards and adapting to changing conditions is key to the continuous provision of municipal services.

The intent of this plan is to help organizations, institutions, businesses, and individuals of all ages adapt to current and future climate-related risks and opportunities. Although the Town has a primary role for most actions outlined in the CCCAP, the actions rely on various stakeholders to further educate and implement climate change adaptation measures in the broader community.

Next Steps

The next steps will be for the Town of Qualicum Beach to implement actions of the CCCAP according to the implementation schedule. Priority will be given to actions that can be mainstreamed into current planning schedules and existing operations. Planning for the mid-to-longer term actions will also begin.

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