Bylaw Compliance

Bylaw Compliance


Bylaws are the tools that municipalities use to protect the health, safety and welfare of its citizens, and to promote community standards. They can include matters such as licensing requirements, animal control and zoning regulations.

The Bylaw Compliance section is responsible for implementation and administration of compliance to municipal regulations to ensure the health, safety and reasonable enjoyment of people living the District is maintained. Bylaw Compliance Officers are also responsible for prosecutions and other legal actions undertaken by the municipality.

How are Bylaws Enforced?

The Bylaw Compliance section investigates complaints from citizens and then uses a variety of enforcement measures. The preferred approach is to simply talk to people who may be violating a bylaw, explain the need for the bylaw and, if possible, obtain voluntary compliance. The most common bylaw violations generally occur because residents are not aware of the bylaw requirements and are easily addressed when staff notify the resident.

Citizens are given the opportunity to correct an offence and comply before more serious enforcement action is considered. The Town of Qualicum Beach may need to take direct action however if there is an immediate health or safety concern.

View our Bylaw Complaint Procedure here

A list of our commonly searched bylaws are found here:


Don Marshall
Bylaw Enforcement Officer
Phone: 250.752.6921
Fax: 250.752.1243

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