Airport - XQU

Airport - XQU

Qualicum Beach Airport

Welcome to the Qualicum Beach Airport - XQU! The following is provided for you as a source of information regarding the Qualicum Beach Municipal Airport. As you will see from the following reports and statistics, the Qualicum Beach Airport has been in existence since 1954 and serves not only Qualicum Beach, but Parksville and the surrounding area as well. It is hoped that we will continue to augment the services that we offer to the flying public and continue to receive assistance from both D.O.T. and M.O.T. for our future success as a community airport.

The primary operator (Island Express Air) is a scheduled service based in Qualicum Beach. There are also two flight training schools and charter services based at the airport. Thirty locally based aircraft also frequently use the airport. With full fuel service, paved runways, and good parking availability, CAT4 provides a transportation gateway that is both accessible and convenient.

Currently, there is one airline providing scheduled air services: and Island Express Air. Other air service tenants at the Airport include Sunwest Helicopters Ltd. and charter services. The airport is also used by approximately 30 locally based aircraft.

Operating Conditions

The aerodrome is certified as a public use DAY/NIGHT, VFR/IFR airport with the following restriction: "night operations are prohibited when APAPI is unserviceable".

Noise Abatement

Noise abatement procedures are in effect. Please refer to current Canada Flight Supplement.

Night restrictions

  • Between 2200-0600 local, medivac only or PPR
  • Night operations PROHIBITED when APAPI u/s
  • Night circuit altitude 1400 MSL

Flight Plan

Kamloops FIC (1.800.541.4101)
IFR - Comox Terminal (1.250.339.8115)

Fuel Prices (Daylight Hours)

  • Fuel 100LL (AV Gas) - Currently sold for $1.99/litre
  • Jet A-1 (with additives: FSII (Ice Inhibitor) & DCI4A (Corrosion Inhibitor)) - Currently sold for $1.58/litre

CAUTION: 100' trees approx. 3000' from thld 29. Only pilots familiar with local terrain should use this airport during hours of darkness.


Webcam The Webcam owned by Environment Canada is no longer available for public viewing via our website. Any concerns, or requests to view the images, should be directed to Environment Canada at We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Bob Weir, P.Eng.
Director of Engineering, Utilities and Airport
Phone: 250.752.6921
1000 Ravensbourne Lane
Qualicum Beach BC
V9K 1P9

XQU - Qualicum Beach Airport

1000 Ravensbourne Lane
Qualicum Beach BC
V9K 1P9
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