Advisory Planning Commission

Advisory Planning Commission

The Advisory Planning Commission (APC) advises Council on matters coming within the scope of Section 898 of the Local Government Act and amendments thereto, as may from time to time be referred to the Advisory Planning Commission by Council or the Director of Planning. The APC consists of five members with each serving a two-year term. Members may not serve more than two consecutive terms. Advisory Planning Commission reviews the following types of applications to provide advice to Council and staff:

  • rezonings that do not require a change to the land use policies in the Official Community Plan; and,
  • development permits when the subject property is in a “Form and Character Development Permit Area” as designated in the Official Community Plan.

When reviewing Development Permit applications, the Commission takes the following into consideration when making recommendations to Council:

  • design guidelines as detailed in Development Permit Area guidelines in the Official Community Plan, and
  • merits of the overall design.

When reviewing applications that require rezoning, the Commission may also take into consideration:

  • Town of Qualicum Beach Official Community Plan;
  • the form and character of the proposed development in relation to its surroundings;
  • effect on neighbourhood amenities;
  • effect on the availability of suitable housing options;
  • site development strategy, including landscaping and preservation of natural amenities;
  • building design in reference to human needs including convenience of access, protection of views, provision of light, maintenance of privacy and mitigation of noise;
  • outdoor lighting and signs;
  • the promotion of health, safety, security, convenience, and the public interest;
  • environmental impact and green building;
  • transportation and mobility issues, including active transportation alternatives;
  • other land use matters; and
  • other issues as referred by Council.

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