Water & Sewer Services

Water & Sewer Services


Water Services

The Town provides high quality water to the residents of Qualicum Beach through the use of state of the art, ultra-violet and chlorination water disinfection. To transport the drinking water to residents, over 97 km of water mains and other various water services run throughout the Town. These water mains are simply a supplement to the seven reservoirs, eleven pump stations, and three booster stations that provide this essential element of life to the residents of Qualicum Beach. The maintenance and operation of this vital system is one of the responsibilities of this department.

Water Meter Reading

Beginning in late April, early May, Town crews will be reading water meters. Please ensure your water meter and any other municipal infrastructure is completely accessible at all times. Waterworks Bylaw No. 713 states that property owners may be fined $100 if crews cannot access this infrastructure.

Watering Restrictions

From May 15th until September 15th the watering of lawns and gardens will only be permitted between the hours of 7pm and 7am daily. Hand watering is permitted at any time. Read the Watering in Qualicum Beach FAQ.

Water Main Flushing

From March 10 Public Works’ staff will be flushing the water mains (Monday to Friday, between the hours of 8 am & 4 pm).
During this period, residents may experience some discolouration of water and a drop in water pressure.
Follow these guidelines during water main flushing:
  • Keep a clean supply of drinking water in your fridge
  • If your water is discoloured, run an outside tap after 4 pm until the water clears
  • Check for discolouration of water before doing laundry

Sanitary Sewer Services

The operation and maintenance of the 72 km of sanitary sewer mains and one pump station is another responsibility of the Public Works, Parks, and Buildings department. Some of the typical maintenance activities include cleaning sewers using sewer flush trucks, the inspection and repair of serviceholes, and the excavating and repairing of broken sewer mains and services.

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