Submit a Request re Streetlight Brightness

Submit a Request re Streetlight Brightness

In response to the Council resolution outlined below, the Town of Qualicum Beach is currently accepting submissions for specific streetlight brightness issues.

To have your streetlight brightness concerns considered in the first round of evaluation, please submit the form below no later than February 28, 2023. All submissions received after that date will be considered in the second round of evaluation, with a submission deadline of August 31, 2023.
Your submission does not guarantee a streetlight replacement. This process is to collect information and to review the number of streetlights of concern in the community.

Before you submit

Bright streetlights significantly improve traffic safety on roads at night, particularly for pedestrians and cyclists. Please consider the implications for your community and neighbours before submitting a concern about the brightness of a streetlight. Please note: the location of streetlights identified through this submission process will be recorded on a map and made public.

Submit information about a streetlight of concern
Please provide the following information by email to

  • Specific location of the pole:
  • Light trespass direction (Front, side, rear of property)
  • Describe your concern:
  • Street address:
  • Name:
  • Email:
  • Phone number:

Council Resolution regarding Streetlight Brightness – February 2023

WHEREAS at the October 27, 2021 Regular Meeting, Council previously directed “THAT the Town work with BC Hydro to mitigate the current locations identified by residents as problematic by either reducing the wattage; davit arm orientation/location; shielding or by any other means necessary”; and

WHEREAS Town Staff have requested BC Hydro inspect the problematic streetlights resulting in BC Hydro asserting that each of these streetlights is properly installed;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, THAT, without further delay, the Town work with BC Hydro design crews to replace the streetlights identified as problematic by residents to LED streetlights of 3000K and 39W, except those on arterial routes;

AND FURTHER THAT, when replacing the problematic streetlights, BC Hydro design crews be directed to consider additional solutions for each problem light, such as shielding, changes to davit arm length, orientation, and location, or other means necessary, in order to reduce light trespass onto private properties;

AND FURTHER THAT staff be directed to continue accepting streetlight complaints from residents experiencing light trespass until February 28, 2023, and that streetlights identified by the February 28, 2023 deadline, except those on arterial routes, be included for replacement;

AND FURTHER THAT funding to replace the streetlights be included in the 2023 budget;

AND FURTHER THAT a second final intake of complaints be accepted until August 31, 2023.

For further information regarding streetlight replacement, please see the FAQs.

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