Bear & Cougar Awareness

Bear & Cougar Awareness

Bear & Cougar Awareness
While wildlife encounters are not uncommon in Qualicum Beach, there are usually no problems if you know to handle encounters.

As they are nocturnal and stealthy you are unlikely to see one, but if you do:
- make yourself look as big as possible
- pick up small children and pets and slowly back away
- do not run
- make a lot of noise to scare it away

If you think there's a bear in the area:
- make noise so you don't surprise it - most will just run away.
- if a bear stands its ground, remain facing the bear and slowly back away while calmly talking so it knows you are human and not prey.
- do not run.
- avoid direct eye contact at all times.

- always give an animal a clear exit
- do not approach for a photo

Here are some resources to learn more:
Bear Smart Guide
Cougar Awareness

If you see a bear or cougar posing a threat to the public, call the Conservation Office at 1-877-952-7277.

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