Engineering, Operations & Airport

Engineering, Operations & Airport

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Our engineering department oversees the operation, construction, and maintenance of the Town's infrastructure. Major areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to, street and road maintenance, water services, sanitary and storm services, street lights, and airport operations.

Last year, in 2018, the department achieved the following:

  • Provided high-quality potable water through the use of a state of the art ultraviolet and chlorine water disinfection system. The water is drawn from 9 wells spread throughout the community.
  • Maintained 72 km of sanitary sewer mains and one sanitary lift station.
  • Maintained 192 street lights.
  • Maintained 92 km of roads and laneways by performing dozens of activities such as pavement repairs, sidewalk repairs, drainage appliance maintenance, sweeping, snow removal and street light maintenance, just to name a few.
  • Maintained the Airport runway and Taxi ways with 2,000 metres of crack sealing and hosted Emergency preparedness exercises.
  • Upgraded Hemsworth Trail, creating safer access to the Heritage Forest trail.
  • Upgraded 7 Town electric vehicle charging stations to double chargers from single chargers.
  • Created a new Community garden at the Qualicum Commons on Primrose Street with the installation of a water service and yard hydrants.
  • Our Airport hosted 11,000 passengers on commercial services, 200 medivac landings, the Coastal Wildlife Centre‚Äôs fire practice, and Canadian Military rescue training.

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