Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness


If you are in an emergency situation, dial 911 immediately.

The Town of Qualicum Beach has an extensive Emergency Preparedness Plan for the protection of, and assistance for, citizens and infrastructure during the time of emergency or disaster. This plan extends throughout the Regional District for incidents of cross jurisdictional nature.

The citizens of the Town are not, however, without obligation to have prepared themselves to be self-sufficient within the first 72 hours of an emergency or disaster. Personal emergency preparedness brochures and information are available from the Town Hall during regular office hours.

The Emergency Social Services (ESS) component of the Emergency Plan is comprised of 100+ trained volunteers, ready to assist those in need, in Registration and Inquiry, Food, Lodging, Clothing, Finance and other needs during an emergency or disaster.

Earthquake Preparedness

While there is an active emergency preparedness system in the Town of Qualicum Beach which will be activated in a major emergency it is every citizen’s responsibility to be personally prepared for a major or catastrophic event.

Take the following steps to prepare for at least 72 hours for an earthquake or other major disaster:

  • Be sure that all household members know how to shut off the water, power and gas (if appropriate). Ensure proper tools are located near shut off source. Do not shut off unless it is absolutely necessary; e. g. Obvious smell of gas in the house, water line broken etc.
  • If an earthquake occurs while you are inside, stay inside and move to an interior wall or archway away from windows or heavy objects which could fall on you. Remember to drop, cover and hold on!
  • If an earthquake occurs while outside, stay outside in an open area away from electrical wires and large structures.
  • Place spare shoes and leather gloves under the bed for emergency use only.
  • Store bottled water to last at least 72 hours (e.g. 12 liters per person).
  • Strap your hot water tank to preserve water. Boil water prior to use.
  • Assemble an emergency supply kit including:
    • Non perishable food for your family and pets
    • Medications
    • First aid supplies
    • Battery operated radio
    • Flashlight and extra batteries
    • Toiletries
    • Candles and matches
    • Alternative cooking source
    • Manual can opener
    • Spare clothing
    • Backpack or roller suitcase to carry items including important papers

If you need to evacuate your home, take your emergency supplies with you. Listen to the radio or watch local TV for emergency information and additional safety instructions.

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